The 3 Most Common Garage Door Malfunctions in NW Indiana (And How We Can Help)

Dec 2, 2021 | Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Tips

White, short-panel garage door on suburban homeGarage doors open and close approximately 1500 times annually. In fact, you may find yourself using the garage door more than any other door within your property. As a result, there are higher chances of malfunctions since it’s used daily.

In NW Indiana, you are bound to experience more garage door problems owing to the harsh weather conditions. Even with a well-built garage door in Indiana, you’ll still experience some malfunctions. 

Here are some of the common problems in need of garage repair in Indiana:

Contracting Metal

With the cold and wet winters in NW Indiana, contracting metal is a common problem on steel garage doors. Typically, the cold temperatures cause contractions leading to tightening of your garage door, which makes it challenging to open or close. 

Although maintenance and cleanliness can help reduce this problem, if the garage door contraction is due to rapid freezing, it may even lead to a bend in the door track. A minor bending won’t affect the normal door function, but it will cause some noise. However, if it’s a severe bend, you will have to call Precision Garage Door professionals to make the necessary repairs. 

Damaged Remote Sensor

Sometimes, you may have a damaged garage door remote sensor due to extremely low temperatures. In most cases, it will result in a cracked sensor, making it ineffective in opening or closing the garage door. 

When this happens, you can check on the batteries just to ensure they aren’t dead. If you still have communication problems after a thorough check on the onboard sensor, it’s time to call a garage repair Indiana expert.

Worn or Damaged Weather Stripping

Although you may not notice any problems with the opening mechanism of your garage door due to worn or damaged weather stripping, you still need to pay attention. Weatherstripping prevents cold air from getting into your garage, especially during winter in NW Indiana. The sheer size of the garage door means it’s prone to excess cold air. 

However, the rubber in the stripes will start hardening and eventually crack, preventing it from normal functions. Although the weatherstripping will still function, it won’t be as efficient due to the hardening. The most obvious sign will be a sudden rise in your heating costs. When this happens, have a closer look at the weather stripping in your garage.

Why You Need Professional Garage Door Repair 

An efficient and reliable garage door can boost your estate value and increase your home’s safety and design. However, even with a durable steel garage door, the harsh weather in NW Indiana, coupled with the constant use of the door, you’ll still experience malfunctions over time. Sometimes, a slight force adjustment on a contracting metal door can be a solution. If this doesn’t work, lubing or tuning up the door can make room for the adjustment. Alternatively, we can use garage door spray lube on the rollers, bearing, and hinges as an effective solution.

For garage doors with a damaged motor sensor, we diagnose the sensor using specialized equipment to determine whether we will make repairs or have it replaced. We have dealt with a wide range of sensors, so we have the experience and expertise in diagnosing any issue. While you may be tempted to replace a worn or damaged weather stripping, you may not have the skills to ensure that it’s tight enough. Opting to call a professional is cost-effective since you will save more money in the long run on energy bills, and the stripping will last longer.

Get Professional Assistance from Precision Garage Door

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