Upgrade Your Garage Door Exterior with These Ideas

Nov 28, 2021 | Garage Door Tips

A beautiful house with a beautiful garage door exteriorWhen you consider that your garage door accounts for up to a third of your home’s front exterior, upgrading your garage’s exterior plays a significant role in improving your curb appeal. Essentially, by making the right garage door upgrades, you will boost your curb appeal and your property’s exterior décor. When it’s time to sell, you’ll also benefit from the considerable return on investment. Upgrade your garage door exterior with these ideas.

Make Trim Improvements

Your home’s garage door has many trim parts. The trim completes the siding run, frames the garage doors, and provides a surface for them to move against. Since this movement happens daily, it’s highly likely that your garage trim will look shabby before other parts of the garage. You can consider upgrading the trims of your garage door. Remember to choose a color that will make your garage door stand out.

Add a Traditional Garage Door Lock

A traditional garage door lock will make your home exterior design stand out as it gives your property’s exterior a timeless appearance. A traditional lock is also customizable to complement most architectural designs. Also, there are various color choices, so you can pick one that complements your home’s exterior features, such as the front door, siding, and shutters.

Opt for a Modern Garage Door Lock 

If you are the type that wants to move with the times, a striking aluminum garage door design that has clear lines can turn heads. By combining your property’s modern architecture, the full view garage doors coupled with glass panels will create an attention-grabbing appearance that has a tasteful and stylish garage exterior appearance.

Install Additional Windows to Your Garage Door

Another great idea is to accentuate your garage door with some windows. There are several window styles and layout patterns that can add more details to your garage door. This adds an extra measure of appeal to your garage’s exterior look.

Change to Carriage House Doors

Carriage house doors are also a good upgrade for a garage door exterior design for those partial to a more classic look. These distinct fiberglass, steel, and wood garage doors add a stylish aesthetic to your property’s exterior appearance. Although these doors may have an outdated barn door-style look, they have a quieter operation, better reliability, and improved durability.

Update Your Garage Door

There are very few, if any, home improvement projects that can significantly improve your garage door exterior and also offer a greater return on investment than updating your garage door. The color, condition, and style of your garage door are visible from the street, so it has a great influence on your home’s overall appearance. In fact, garage door replacement was on top of the 2019 remodeling cost vs. value report. On average, updating your garage door can give you a return of 88% of the project cost at resale. Moreover, there are several garage door options that you can choose from depending on your preference, and they come with a prominent design feature and an architectural highlight. 

Reinvent Your Garage Door Exterior with Precision Overhead Garage Door Service

Your garage door exterior look should always have a striking appearance that makes your home stand out. Therefore, you need to implement the above ideas to boost your curb appeal and improve your home’s value. If you are unsure of the best garage door replacement, you can consult our professionals at Precision Overhead Garage Door Service for the best option that will suit your home. We will take our time to show you how this simple change can make a major impact on your home’s exterior. Contact us today for a garage door replacement or repairs.

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