Top 7 Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Northwest Indiana Homes

Jul 12, 2021 | Garage Door Tips

How to Provide the Right Garage Door Maintenance for Northwest Indiana Homes

A properly maintained garage door should function smoothly for years. Some of these garage door maintenance tips can be handled by a confident DIYer, others should be left to the garage door pros in Northwest Indiana.

It’s a good idea to inspect your garage door and perform any needed maintenance twice a year. The best times to do this are before and after our often brutal winters. Spring maintenance lets you deal with any of the ravages of winter before they become a bigger problem. Performing garage door maintenance in the fall ensures that it’s in shape to handle the coming winter.

1. Inspect Your Garage Door

The first step in garage door maintenance is to simply observe it as it goes up and down. Do you hear any scraping, grinding, squeaking, or squealing sounds? Are its movements smooth or jerky? Do the springs, pulleys, and cables on either side of the door look symmetrical?

2. Test the Balance of the Door

A properly balanced garage door is easy to lift and will stay partially raised on its own. If it’s hard to lift, your garage door opener will wear out quickly from the extra strain.

Old or worn springs might be the cause of an unbalanced door. It’s a good idea to have them replaced before they break and leave you without a functioning garage door.

3. Make Sure the Tracks Are Clear

Debris, dust, and rust can clog the tracks and keep the garage door from operating smoothly. Use a shop vac to clear away any debris and dust. A wire brush will get rid of surface rust. If the rust is more than just surface deep, you might need a professional inspection and repair. The same goes for a bent or misaligned track.

4. Replace the Rollers as Needed

The rollers on either side of the door should be replaced every 5 to 7 years or whenever they show signs of cracking, chipping, or wear. To replace them, remove the brackets that hold them to the door.

Warning: The bottom rollers are fastened to the lift cables. They are under a dangerous amount of tension and should not be touched!

5. Check the Pulleys and Cables

Do a visual inspection of these parts, looking for frayed or broken cables. The cables are under a tremendous amount of tension and are incredibly dangerous if they snap. If you notice any signs of wear and tear, contact garage door professionals for a replacement. They can do the job safely.

6. Tighten the Hardware

The vibration from hundreds of trips up and down each year can gradually loosen the hardware on your garage door. Grab a socket wrench set and get to work tightening up all the bolts you can find. Pay special attention to the connections between the door and its frame plus the brackets that fasten the whole assembly to the garage itself.

7. Lubricate All the Moving Parts

Lubrication is essential to keep your hardworking garage door functioning properly. It reduces stress on the moving parts and increases their usable lifespan. White lithium grease is available in a spray can that makes it easy to lubricate the rollers, pulleys or bearings, hinges, and metal chain or screw. Just spray it on and wipe off any excess.

Use penetrating oil, like WD-40, on any moving parts that are sticking. Once they’re moving freely, wipe them clean and spray them with grease. If the torsion spring is rusty, spray a rag with the grease and wipe the spring down with it.

Note: Do not lubricate a belt-drive opener or it won’t operate properly!

Scheduling Necessary Repairs

If you’ve run into an issue with your garage door, let us help. At Precision Garage Door, we bring top-quality garage door maintenance to your Northwest Indiana home. We have the skill, experience, and equipment needed to handle any kind of garage door repair or replacement. To schedule service, give us a call today at 1-888-599-5808.

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