How to Weatherproof Your Detached NW Indiana Garage

Aug 19, 2021 | Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Tips


Your Guide to Weatherproofing a Detached Garage in Northwest Indiana

If you have a detached garage, you’ll have to deal with the cold, snow, ice, and more in the low winter temperature or during heavy storms. Weatherproofing a detached garage is one of the most effective solutions against these harsh weather elements. A well-insulated garage protects your belongings, helps save on energy consumption, and makes the garage a comfortable working space as it reduces the rapid temperature swings. Essentially, weatherproofing will save you money even if the garage isn’t part of your working space.

Read on to learn the most effective ways for weatherproofing your detached garage in Northwest Indiana.

Install Caulking and Weather-stripping

Start the weatherproofing procedure by looking for potential air leak areas such as the knee walls, plumbing vents, wiring holes, foundations, and doors. Also, look for any possible signs of air leaks, like dirty spots on the ceiling or in the insulation. You can also feel drafts of air with your hands.  Weather-stripping and caulking are the most effective methods used to seal the air leakage areas.

On the garage doors, you can use a metal gasket channel in between the gap areas. Don’t forget to replace any old and worn seals on the doorstep. Also, make sure you measure the gap and width of the door before buying the weather stripping replacement. For the gaps around the garage windows or cracks and other small openings, use weatherproof caulk. You can use expanding spray foam on larger gaps such as those found in electric wires and plumbing vents.

Install Insulation

Insulation increases the efficiency of your heating system regardless of how you use your garage. Walls, doors, ceiling, and floor are the major sources of heat loss in a detached garage. If these areas aren’t properly insulated, you will have to deal with high energy bills because your garage heater will end up overworking.

While insulating the doors, you can use the expanded polystyrene rigid foam board or fiberglass batting with vinyl facing. On the ceiling and walls, you can opt for fiberglass batt insulation. If your garage interiors don’t have drywall or plywood, you can use encapsulated fiberglass or kraft-faced batt to minimize potential mildew and mold issues. On the other hand, you can use blow-in cellulose insulation on drywalls since it provides an efficient airflow barrier. However, if you use the garage to park your vehicle or as a storage space, you can insulate some parts and leave others.

Install a Heater

While insulation and weather stripping will protect your garage from the external low temperatures, you need a heater to keep the garage warm. You can choose between an electric or gas unit heater. The electric models are easy to install, but you will incur more operational costs than a gas-fired type. On the other hand, it’s difficult to install a gas-fired unit since it requires an exhaust venting and gas supply, but it’s cheaper to operate.

You can also opt for the mini-split heat pump as your heating alternative. A mini-split system is an excellent option for detached garages because you don’t have to connect it to the central-ducted HVAC system. Therefore, the installation process will be more straightforward and cost-effective, with only a three-inch hole needed for installation through an exterior wall. The system will also provide efficient heating and cooling to your garage all year round. A mini-split system can be a great option if you don’t have the finances or the time to prepare for other weatherproofing options for your detached garage.

Key Takeaway

By weatherproofing your detached garage in Northwest Indiana, you won’t have to worry about the harsh temperatures during the cold season. The above tips will help you turn your garage into a warm space ideal for your storage and working needs. If you need extra assistance with your garage door, reach out to our full-service garage door professionals at Precision Garage Door.


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