4 Garage Door Safety Features to Protect Your Family

Sep 16, 2021 | Garage Door Safety, Garage Door Tips

A family portrait outside their NW Indiana home happy about their new Garage Door Safety decisions A garage door provides convenient access to your home with just a click of a button. It also increases your home’s value and curb appeal while protecting access to your vehicles and other valuables. With such a great accessory comes great responsibility, especially if you have children and pets in your home. Studies reveal garage door accidents are responsible for 20,000 to 30,000 injuries every year. Most of the victims of garage door injuries are small children and home pets. Let’s look at four garage door safety features that can enhance the safety and protection of your children and pets in your NW Indiana Home.

4 Top Garage Door Safety Features for NW Indiana Homes

Auto-reverse function

A garage door auto-reverse function is a system that quickly reverses the door if it encounters an obstacle. The function detects the slightest amount of resistance while the door is closing. This is a vital feature to have in case your child or pet is caught under the door. The garage doors offered by Precision Garage Door have robust inbuilt auto-reverse sensors that can open the door automatically upon contact. You can test this function by placing a stationary object under the door when it is closing.

Infrared motion detector

Modern automatic garage doors also come with an infrared sensor mounted on the track, usually close to the ground. Should anyone or anything break the beam, the motor stops automatically and pulls the door back. You can test this function by closing the door, then holding a pole or pushing another solid object through the beam. The infrared motion detectors installed in Precision Garage Doors come with additional built-in functionality that turns on the garage lights for between four and five minutes to enable you to get out of your vehicle and into your home without stumbling over objects that can hurt you. It also helps enhance your home security since it triggers the motion detection sensors and causes the lights to come on whenever a burglar tries to access your home via the garage.

Manual control

Ideal motorized garage doors should also feature manual control features. This includes a mechanical release operated by a rope with a red handle hanging from the door. These features come in handy when there is a power outage, and you need to access your garage or get a stuck pet or child under the garage. Without power, the electronic motor won’t work, and you’ll be stuck at home with limited options. However, as long as you know how to operate the manual control, you can quickly bypass the motor and open the door by hand. The garage doors provided by Precision Garage Doors come with an override feature that disconnects the garage door from the electronic system. Once the door is disconnected, you will simply lift it by hand. Once the power is on, you can reconnect the electronic system seamlessly.

Pinched resistant 

Some garage doors in NW Indiana homes have a space between them where a finger or hand can get caught and squished to cause serious injury as the door is closing. This is a severe safety hazard for children and pets in particular. Luckily the garage doors provided by Precision Garage come with pinch-resistant panels and hinges that roll over each other to leave minimal gaps, thus reducing the risk of hand and feet injuries.

Get a Quality Garage Door from Precision Garage Doors

Garage doors can weigh several hundred pounds to present significant dangers to your family. As such, it is vital to ensure access to your garage remains convenient and injury-free. At Precision Garage Door, we are committed to the highest safety standards and keeping our clients and families out of harm’s way. We provide superior garage door installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair services that guarantee your garage door’s safe and proper functioning. Our garage doors come with exceptional safety features that contribute to keeping your entire family safe. Contact us today to learn more.

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