Popular Garage Door Styles in Northwest Indiana

Jan 4, 2024 | Garage Door Replacement, Garage Door Tips, New Garage Doors

From the classic elegance of traditional designs to modern, sleek lines and minimal hardware, a different garage door can greatly influence the overall look of your home. Here are some of the most popular garage door styles in Northwest Indiana and what you need to know when upgrading your door.

Popular Classic and Traditional Garage Door Styles in Northwest Indiana

Aluminum garage door

Raised Panel Doors

Embracing a classic aesthetic, raised panel garage doors are characterized by elevated panels that add a sense of depth and visual interest to garage doors. They can come in both long-panel and short-panel options.

Like carriage house doors, raised panels are versatile but complement timeless, traditional architectural styles very well – especially when paired with short panels.

Raised panels are a popular design choice for a wide variety of home styles including Craftsman, Cape Cod, ranch-style, and more.

Recessed Panel Doors

Recessed panel garage doors offer a subtle and understated design that fits well with a variety of architectural styles. They’re the opposite of raised panel doors, meaning they feature panels that are set slightly back from the door’s surface.

Recessed panel garage doors look great with window inserts, decorative hardware, and other custom elements.

These types of doors are popularly paired with Colonial, Victorian, and cottage-style homes.

Garage Door with Recessed Panels

Modern and Minimalist Garage Door Styles

Modern Glass Panel Garage Door

Contemporary Aluminum and Glass Doors

Glass garage doors typically contain glass panels separated and held in place by aluminum frames. Aluminum is a popular frame choice because of its resistance to rust and corrosion.

These doors can allow for ample natural light, giving an open and airy feel to urban and contemporary homes.

Glass garage doors aren’t usually found on traditional-style homes, but can be a beautiful addition to modern, contemporary, or minimalist designs.

Flush Panel Doors

Minimalist and clean, flush panels form a smooth surface without embellishments. They give the illusion of one large panel unbroken by vertical lines or other design elements.

At Precision, our flush panel garage doors come in multiple colorways, but you also have the option to paint-match any other color on your home for a unique touch!

With their contemporary look, flush panels suit a wide variety of homes, including modern Craftsman, art deco, and Scandinavian-style.

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Natural and Rustic Garage Door Styles

Classic carriage house garage door

Carriage House Doors

Inspired by the charm of historic carriage houses, these doors often feature decorative hardware and panel designs that give the impression of warmth, character, and timeless elegance.

Carriage house doors are often made with a core material like steel or aluminum and covered with a faux wood (or wood overlay) exterior.

While these types of doors are highly customizable and can work with modern homes, they traditionally bring out the best in Victorian, Tudor, farmhouse-style homes, and more.

Wood-Look (or Faux Wood) Garage Doors

Enjoy the beauty of natural wood without the concerns of warping, cracking, or fading, as faux wood garage doors are designed to withstand the elements with much lower maintenance requirements.

These doors look great with various panel styles – including carriage house and modern long-panel – and have plenty of customization options like wood grain patterns, window inserts, and decorative hardware.

From flush-panel designs to intricate carriage house styles, installing a faux wood door could be one of the best investments you make in your home.

Modern Faux Wood Flush Panel Garage Door
Customer buying a new garage door from Precision Garage Door

What Else to Consider When Selecting a Garage Door Style

Choosing the best garage door style for your Northwest Indiana home means working with unique factors like climate, budget, insulation options, and more.

Homes in this area experience very cold winters, so it’s important to choose a garage door style that comes with adequate insulation options. You may also want to add window inserts to help regulate the temperature.

Given the changing seasons and the potential for extreme weather, you’ll also want a durable garage door material to withstand Northwest Indiana’s climate, such as steel or fiberglass.

Security features, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal are factors to consider, too. You’ll want to be sure you’re working with professionals when choosing your new garage door style. At Precision, we offer expert installation services backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Which Garage Door Style is the Best?

While some garage doors traditionally work best with certain types of homes, you’re free to think outside the box! Uncommon combinations can give your home a unique look and increase its curb appeal. When you schedule a free, at-home estimate with Precision, we’ll go over all of your options and answer any questions you might have.

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