Garage Door Paint Matching

A New Garage Door That Perfectly Matches Your Home

New garage doors usually come with a limited amount of color choices. If your home has a specific color you’d like to match – for example, the shade of your shutters or front door – Precision can help you find the perfect paint!

We work with top manufacturers to offers hundreds of different paint-matching options for new garage doors. From eye-catching reds to sophisticated neutrals, we’ll help you find the door and color that best suits your home.

How to Choose a Paint-Matched Garage Door

When you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll work with you to find the garage door design and color that best compliments your home. To get a custom-matched color, you’ll simply need to choose your desired color and collect a sample (we’re here to help with this part). Your newly installed garage door panels will match your home’s exterior and be resistant to dirt, fingerprints, and the effects of UV weathering.

At Precision, we work with the best garage door and opener brands on the market and back up our work with an industry-leading warranty for your peace of mind.

Here are a few questions our customers ask about paint-matching services.

Will the color I need be available?

We have over 800 colors available to choose from, so yours will most likely be available! In the off chance your color is not on our list, we’ll help you find the best alternative.

Is the inside of the door painted?

No, only the outside will be painted. The inside will remain the default color of the model.

Do some colors work better than others?

A limited range of darker shades might not be best for garage doors with specific insulation levels, as it could affect heat retention. We’ll give you a heads-up if this applies to you when you’re selecting your color.

Can I order a two-tone door?

Only single colors can be matched at this time.

What other design options do I have?

You can add elements like decorative hardware and window inserts (more on that below!). If you select window inserts, you can also have the frames match the color of your garage door.

Decorative Hardware and Window Inserts

Garage Door with Decorative Hardware
White house with a double garage

Incorporating window inserts and decorative hardware offers an excellent opportunity to infuse your color-coordinated garage door with your own personal style.

Windows add plenty of natural light and can be found in an array of styles to align with your home’s unique aesthetic, ranging from sleek long-panel options to elaborate arched designs.

When it comes to decorative hardware, you have a diverse selection to choose from, including hinges, handles, clavos, and studs. These elements are particularly effective in enhancing the vintage, rustic charm of carriage house garage doors, contributing to a timeless look for your home.

All new garage doors come with the option to add window inserts and decorative hardware.

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