Choosing a New Opener

Thinking About a New Garage Door Opener?

When shopping for a new opener, it helps to know what to look for – factors like drive type, noise level, and smart capabilities are a few things to consider.

The right garage door opener provides convenience, fits your lifestyle, and enhances your home’s security and safety. With a variety of options available, we’ll help you find the most compatible opener for your garage door!

Here’s how to choose a new garage door opener and what to expect when making your selection.

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Opener Drive Types

When you select a garage door opener, you’ll want to choose the right drive type. Your choice will play a large role in the noise level, maintenance requirements, and overall performance of your opener.

At Precision, we install three of the most popular types of openers: belt, chain, and direct drive.

LiftMaster 87504-267 Garage Door Opener

Belt Drives

Belt drive openers utilize a reinforced rubber belt to open and close the garage door. This feature makes them an excellent choice for homes with bedrooms or living spaces above or adjacent to the garage, as they produce minimal noise during operation.

LiftMaster Chain Drive Opener

Chain Drives

These openers use a sturdy metal chain to move the garage door along its tracks, making them particularly well-suited for heavy doors or those with oversized dimensions. While they excel in strength and durability, chain drive openers tend to produce more noise during operation compared to other openers.

LiftMaster Direct Drive Opener

Direct Drives

Unlike traditional openers that use belts, chains, or screws, direct drive openers feature a motor that glides along a stationary chain or rail. This unique design not only minimizes noise levels but also maximizes space in your garage, as the opener is mounted on the wall beside the door instead of on the ceiling.

Want to Know More?

We’re proud to carry the highest-quality LiftMaster garage door openers. Check out the page below for details about
the different types and models we install.

Which Motor is the Quietest?

Your new garage door will have one of two motor types: DC-powered or AC-powered. The quietest garage doors openers have DC-powered motors.

You’ll likely won’t find AC-powered motors when looking at new openers. Although once popular in older models, they have a range of drawbacks – they’re bulky, high-maintenance, noisy, and demanding on your power bill.

The current industry standard has shifted toward DC-powered motors. These motors are sleeker, lighter, faster, and more energy-efficient compared to their AC counterparts. They come with the newest safety and security features and smart opening technology.

Other Factors to Consider

You’ll want to make sure your new opener fits your specific needs. For example, families with children and pets may want openers with certain safety or security features.

Horsepower also plays a role in your opener’s operation as heavier doors may need more horsepower, but we’ll make sure you get the right one.

It’s important to work with a company you can trust. At Precision, we’ll work with you to find the opener that best fits your home, lifestyle, and budget, and back up our work with an industry-leading warranty.

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