Broken Garage Door Cables

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Garage Door Cable Replacement in the Chicagoland Area

While your garage door springs are one of the hardest-working components of your door, they wouldn’t be able to do all that heavy lifting without help from cables.

When your cables break, you’ll find yourself stuck with a garage door that won’t open properly (or at all). Garage door cables are very dangerous to replace, so if you suspect that yours are broken, call a professional technician to come take a look right away.

Parts You Can Trust

Without reliable, functioning, heavy-duty cables, your garage door opener won’t be able to lift the door easily and could cause strain on your whole garage door system.

At Precision, we use only the finest, highest-quality parts to ensure your garage door cables work smoothly for longer. Our professional technicians can quickly and safely replace your broken cables with ones that are built to last.

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Our Cables

Precision garage door cables
We use stainless steel, airline-grade cables with 19 wires per strand, making them more flexible, quieter, and longer lasting than normal cables.

Their Cables

Other companies' garage door cables
Other companies use standard cables that only utilize 7 wires per strand, making them less flexible and noisier.

How Do You Know if Your Cables Are Broken?

Most homeowners realize their garage door cables are broken once they snap or come off their drums. Aside from seeing a broken cable, there are a few signs you can look for, including:
  • A misaligned garage door – This may be accompanied by scraping sounds and difficulty getting your garage door to smoothly open and close
  • A loud bang or snap – Cables hold a lot of tension, so if you’re home, you’ll likely hear a commotion when they break
  • Cables that look loose – Properly-working garage door cables will be taut
  • Faulty bearings – Your cables travel through bearings which can cause excessive wear and tear if they’re worn down or defective
  • Rust on the cables – Garage door cables are susceptible to rust and corrosion, which can cause them to snap eventually. Be sure to get your cables inspected if you notice signs of rust.

It’s important that homeowners never attempt to fix broken cables themselves. Call a professional technician immediately if your garage door is showing any of the signs above. 

Broken Cable Repair & Replacement

You can count on Precision technicians to know your garage door system, correctly diagnose a problem, and get your repair done right the first time. Here’s how we do it!

Safety Inspection

We know that the safety of your family is your main concern.

Our technicians will conduct a 25-point safety assessment to find the cause of your garage door problems and make sure that your door’s hardware and moving components are all in good working order.

Using The Right Cables

Garage doors come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to install the correct cables for your garage door.

Precision technicians know how to choose the exact cables your garage door needs. Once the parts are installed, they check their work by performing a garage door balance test.

Checking Both Cables

Most garage doors use two cables to operate. If one of your cables has broken, it usually means that the other is close to doing the same.

If we determine that cables are the cause of your garage door problems during our safety inspection, we typically recommend replacing both.

Garage door repair technician inspecting a garage door

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